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The 15th International Conference on Trichinellosis (ICT-15) will be held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania on 26-30 August, 2019.  Please visit the conference website for more information.

Abstracts and Other Information from Previous International Conferences
on Trichinellosis

The 14th International Conference on Trichinellosis (ICT-14) was held in Berlin, Germany on 14- 18 September, 2015. Abstracts from ICT-14 can be read here - ICT-14 abstracts

The ICT Student Awards for ICT-14 were presented to Gregor Makrutzki (Germany) and Maria Saracino (Argentina)

The 13th International Conference on Trichinellosis (ICT-13) was held in Changchun, China on 1- 6 August, 2011. Abstracts from ICT13 can be read here - ICT-13 abstracts

The ICT Student Award for ICT-13 was presented to Lisa Blum (United States) 

ICT-12 (2007) Plitvice Lakes, Croatia – ICT-12 Abstracts

ICT Student Awards for ICT-12 were presented to Radu Blaga (Romania) and Natalia Sosa (Argentina) 

ICT-11 (2004) San Diego, California - ICT-11 abstracts  

In addition to the conferences listed above, past ICT conferences have been held in: Fontainebleau, France (ICT-10, 2000), Mexico City, Mexico (ICT-9, 1996); Orvieto, Italy (ICT-8, 1993); Alicante, Spain (ICT-7, 1988); Val Morin, Quebec (ICT-6, 1984); Noord Wijk ann Zee, Netherlands (ICT-5, 1980); Poznan, Poland (ICT-4, 1976); Miami Beach, Florida (ICT-3, 1972); Wroclaw, Poland (ICT-2, 1968 and ICT-1, 1960).

Organizing an International Conference on Trichinellosis - Members of the ICT wishing to organize future International Conferences on Trichinellosis will find guidelines to prepare their proposals in the ICT Policies and Procedures.

ICT Student Research Awards 

The ICT Executive Committee provides awards to a student or students who have published outstanding papers on Trichinella or trichinellosis and present this work at the International Conferences on Trichinellosis. For details on the award, see: Research Award Program and Application form.  The next application period will be for ICT-15 to be held in 2019.

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