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A general review on the epidemiology of trichinellosis in humans can be found in the publication “Worldwide occurrence and impact of human trichinellosis, 1986-2009” (Murrell K.D. and Pozio E., Emerging Infectious Disease, 17: 2194-2202).

Following is a summary of trichinellosis outbreaks reported in ProMed from 2008 to present:

Trichinellosis outbreaks reported in Eurosurveillance from 2007 to present:

1. Trichinellosis outbreak in Lithuania, Ukmerge region, June 2009

2. Outbreak of trichinellosis in Spain and Sweden due to consumption of wild boar meat contaminated with Trichinella britovi

3. Human trichinellosis due to Trichinella britovi in southern France after consumption of frozen wild boar meat

4. Trichinellosis acquired in Nunavut, Canada in September 2009: meat from grizzly bear suspected

5. Trichinellosis acquired in Senegal from warthog ham, March 2009

6. Outbreak of imported trichinellosis in Verona, Italy, January 2008

7. Trichinellosis outbreak in Bavaria caused by cured sausage from Romania, January 2007

8. A case of trichinellosis in Denmark, imported from Poland, June 2007

9. Outbreak of trichinellosis in north-western Poland – Update and exported cases, June-July 2007

10. Importation of Polish trichinellosis cases to Ireland, June 2007

11. Cluster of trichinellosis cases in Germany, imported from Poland, June 2007

12. Outbreak of trichinellosis in north-western Poland, June 2007

Compiled by Jean Dupouy-Camet (august 2012)

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